Monday, April 27, 2009

BONUS Journals

Interested in getting some extra marks? take a look at the following article(s) and write up your opinion as a journal entry.

Montreal Gazette - Are kids growing up too fast? This article takes a look at how more pressure is being put on children in an increasingly materialistic society.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Term 4 Begins!

Term 4 has finally begun and I'm sure you are all anxious to start your final Career Exploration. However, before we start that, we have to finish some Journal Entries and the POPWiki Project. So in case you have been absent or a little lost, here's a list of what we have done so far:
  1. Professionalism - Discussion and Journal Entry
  2. The Millennials - Movie and Journal Entry
  3. Stress - Research and Journal Entry
  4. The Job Interview - Pre and Post Journal Entry
  5. Unemployment - Only POP-10 and POP-05, the rest will cover this through the POPWiki.
Everything is available on the PORTAL - even the PPT files if you were absent!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Career Exploration 2

At this point you should all be working working working to get your second Career Exploration done, so that you can relax and enjoy your spring break. As always, everything is posted on the Portal for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to up-load your work into E-Pearl once you're finished!

If you have any questions or if you need some extra help, I'm in the Lab every morning at 7:30am...Drop by!

BONUS MARKS!!! (He can't be serious!)

I've come across some great articles lately and I want to share them with you. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we will probably not be able to cover them in class. Take a look - write a journal entry - get some marks...Simple right?
  1. Staying the Course - An article from The Gazette about the dropout rate in Quebec.
  2. The Impact of Facebook on our Students - a scary look at what social networking might be doing to your social skills.
  3. Facebook - Wikipedia Entry - read this and tell me what stands out in your mind?
  4. Microsoft 2019 - This is where Microsoft hopes to be in ten years. What do you think?
Good luck!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Portal Survey!

Here's a survey from the EMSB about their Portal. Take a look and help make the Portal better!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to Term 3

This is the part of the year where things start to get really interesting. I'm also excited to announce our first group action project: THE POPWIKI

Wiki pages are becoming more and more useful, and you can see them just about everywhere nowadays. Here are some of my favorites to check out: - This is a Wiki page dedicated to anything Star Wars related.

Batman Wiki - This one is very similar, only it's for Batman. - Can you believe people have this much time on their hands? (I have Richard Mondoux to thank for this one...)

Take a look, get some ideas, and then let's see if we can included them in our own POPWiki project.


Have fun with it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

End of Term 2

Get your stuff together because you only have until Friday Jan 9th 2009 to hand in your work for Term 2. Here's a list of all the stuff you are responsible for...

Journal /Blog Entries
  1. Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  2. TOKW Assignment
  3. Cover Letter and CV (journal entry)
  4. Communication and Teamwork Movies
E-Pearl Artifacts
  1. TOKW Assignment
  2. Cover Letter and CV
  3. Career Exploration #1
If you are missing something, all of the assignments are still up on the Portal, go download them and get them ALL done! If you have any questions about your work or how to hand stuff in, drop by room before Friday and we'll discuss your options...

Good Luck!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Your First Career Exploration

Here is a list of the work you should have completed up until this point:

In your Journal/Blog
  1. Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals [did you add them to E-Pearl?]
  2. TOKW assignment
  3. Entry on your Cover Letter and C.V.
  4. Entry on Communication and Teamwork

E-Pearl Artifacts:
  1. TOKW Assignment (did you attach the URL of your Blog?)
  2. Cover Letter and C.V. (attach both of them as separate Word documents.)
  3. Career Exploration #1
Career Exploration #1

For the rest of Term 2, we will be concentrating on your first career exploration. Your project will have FOUR parts...
  1. Proposal (what's your top five career choices?)
  2. Exploration (research!)
  3. Presentation (ooooh....Scary!)
  4. Follow-up and Works Cited (reflect!)
The complete project will be due JANUARY 9th 2009. However, your presentation will be due before that, so be prepared! CHECK WHEN YOU ARE PRESENTING! All you have to present is some of the main points of your exploration: Did you interview someone? What did you learn throughout this project? What are your thoughts on this career now that you have tried it out? Etc.

I have lots of tools for you to use, SO USE THEM! Here's just a small taste:
  • DIIGO - cery cool internet researching tool, get into it!
  • Toolkits - pick your career and we'll see if you can use one of the toolkits I have!
  • ACADEMOS.QC.CA - great site for interviewing people about their careers.
  • VODZONE - Wanna watch a movie? Check out Discovery education
*All usernames and passwords are on the Portal!*